Thursday, April 15, 2010

“It was comforting to know I had fallen and could fall no farther."- Sylvia Plath

This was the Eulogy my Apa wrote for his mother and my grandmother, Evie. We were unfortunately unable to attend her funeral. In this I find a beautiful summation of my father.

Besides giving me life and love, Mom taught me to persevere. The adage she repeated often, and the one that has stayed with me all my life is “the best things in life are free”. Another memorable one is: “the more the merrier”, a reflection of her generous, inclusive nature.

Mom is the one who taught me to dance and keep a beat. I am sad that the vibrant beat of Mom's loving heart is gone, but I feel her spirit surrounds us still.

With infinite gratitude,

Mark Francis Lamont/Marineau~ Mick

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