Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feeling Chatty...

My brother arrived in Bangkok, Thai Land yesterday after twenty-four hours of travel where he is going to teach English for the next year. I miss him way too much already, it's actually quite annoying. I read his new blog for his Thai-Land-teach-adventures (, and I can feel my face turning green with envy.
After reading about his first day there I've already looked up ticket prices for me to visit him this summer, it sounding too enticing not to start saving my pennies this trip.
Besides I've never gone more than six months without seeing Jensen (when he was teaching english for six months in Argentina).

I got up this morning around eleven to gusts of wind and hail rapping at my window and shaking my blinds. Next to a sleepy and unwilling to wake Aubrey, i continued to doze in and out for an hour or two. In our half asleep state Aub and I had a toilsome and sleepy curtain opening and closing battle, about the amount light that should be allowed the room
*i would prefer to wake up to a reasonable amount of natural light, as opposed to a sweaty, dark, damp, cave... Anyway we got out of bed.

With my food stamp card finally full, we headed to New Seasons and loaded up on groceries, thankfully because the fridge has been empty for a week. After groceries, a hot wok, peach Izzy, and three $1 roses, I headed down Division to Los Gorditos to hang my last piece in Mary Sapp's collective art show. Next on my list or errands was meeting Mary at Heart cafe on NE 28th and Burnside, giving her my titles and prices for my pieces in show.


After a seemingly extremely long day or errands, Aubrey and I ordered ppv Tetsuo: The Bullet Man the third film in shinya tsukamoto's cyberpunk film series, and the first to be filmed in English language,and it is insanely badass, but too short. (80 minutes boo)


Hope and Sasha make their way over to hangout and say goodbyes, Hope's returning to WIlliam's for her last quarter before summer break. I don't want her to leave and feel lonely already, even with her sitting on the couch adjacent from me. Grrr.. I hate people leaving and I hate feeling lonely; selfish I know.


Hope and Sasha are still over and the four of us are watching Japanese track racing, pretending Hope isn't getting on a plane to cross the country in four and a half hours.

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